If you had two children who attended Sunshine, what made you want to send the second?

We felt we had established roots at Sunshine and feel an incredible sense of comfort there.
— Amy Farley
My second child couldn’t wait to start at Sunshine after dropping and picking up her sister there for two years.
— Anonymous Parent

What signs of growth did you see in your child after completing his/her time at Sunshine?

They learned very very valuable lessons in making friends and being a friend and they were completely ready to start elementary school.
— Anonymous Parent
Her imagination has grown more and more. Her interaction with both classmates and adults has grown.
— Noreen M Earner
She is very confident, less shy. She makes friends easily. She loves the routine of the program.
— Ann Mariano
Both boys are very social. They love the concept of school and they learned how to interact well with teachers and classroom setting.
— Kelly Darling

Did anything in particular about Sunshine School really attract you to choose it?

The teachers and the family-friendly type of environment.
— Noreen M Earner
It felt the way preschool should feel! Small, cozy, and with emphasis on play.
— Julie Creamer

Describe your overall experience with Sunshine School.

We have enjoyed sending our daughter, Keira, to Sunshine School. She always looks forward to attending and is happy from the minute she arrives until she leaves. All the teachers both the first and second year [Keira was there], have been fantastic.
— Noreen M Earner
I think Sunshine provides a wonderful environment for children to develop friendships, and children learn how to operate in a small community. Children learn about rules, tasks, and structure while at the same time, have fun!
— Julie Creamer

How would you describe the teachers you and your child interacted with at Sunshine?

They are loving and nurturing. They keep the kids excited about school.
— Kristin C Murphy

Do you or your child have a memorable story with Sunshine?

I was very nervous sending my first child off to school. He was totally fine and I remember coming to school and his teacher gave me a picture of him dressed up as one of the Three Musketeers. I knew then he was in good hands and having a great time.
— Kristin C Murphy