At Sunshine School, we emphasize the partnership between parents and teachers. We strive to create strong relationships not only with each child, but with each family as well.


We have two parent/teacher conferences per school year. At the meeting in November, we share information about your child gathered from the teacher's page and the parent's page. This is an opportunity to discuss your insight and perspective as parents and to become better acquainted with your child's teacher. Our conference in March provides an index report on your child's progress.


Completing the March conference is a once-yearly parent evaluation. In this evaluation, as a parent you can express your thoughts, give us feedback on our work, inform us of any concerns you have for your child, and make suggestions to improve our school for the next year.


Three to four times per school year, we send out the Sunshine Newsletter to inform parents of events, news updates, and articles relevant to your children's safety and education. The "In their own words" section includes quotes from the children at Sunshine, and we also offer ideas about activities you can do with your child.


Notices are sent to parents whenever there is news to address. Also, our bulletin board posts include daily activities, stories read, the snack menu and information useful for parents who are about to send their children to the next level of schooling.


Teachers are available to talk on an informal basis but find it best to set aside time to meet if there's a concern or problem. Notes and messages on the answering machine are efficient ways to communicate. Phone conferences and in-person meetings are easily arranged for the teacher or the director. We try our best to keep communication lines wide open, and we welcome parents who want to talk.