Parents are the most powerful force in the life of a child. We understand the concern you feel for your young child as you both begin your child's journey of education. We encourage parents to participate at the very beginning of the educational process because it ensures their continued involvement in their local schools, communities, and most importantly, with their children.


The board of directors is composed of up to nine members including the director and the treasurer. The rest of the positions are open for parent volunteers. Parents who express an interest in the development of school policies, programs, events planning, or fundraising efforts are encouraged to join the board of directors. Each November, a nominating committee forms and actively searches out parents who will serve for a one-year term. Meetings are held at the school in the evening and are open to any parents who are interested in attending. If you wish, you may pick up a copy of the bylaws of the corporation at the school.


Parents with children already in attendance at the Sunshine School are free to visit the school anytime. Along with unannounced drop-ins, you may plan a visit with the director to read a story to the children, conduct a unique activity, share a part of your cultural heritage, or simply be an observer.