Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sunshine School's website. We are proud of our school and grateful that you have decided to find out more about us.  

At Sunshine School, we believe that children have one childhood, and we do not wish to hurry or diminish it. Play is so basic to children's health and well-being that it is named by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children as a guaranteed right!

Sunshine School has welcomed children to our program for over thirty-five years, and many alumni have sent their own children to the school.

Our teachers are supportive, nurturing, and have many years of experience guiding and caring for young children. All are mothers themselves and have sent children of their own to Sunshine School.

Also, our Board of Directors involves parents in helping to run the school. Research shows that children whose parents are involved directly in their education perform better in school. Many of our former board members have subsequently served on various school committees and been involved in community groups.

I know that as parents, you have many choices available to you as you make the important decision about your child's school. As you read about our school and our goals for the education of your child, I hope that Sunshine School will prove to be just the place you had in mind.


Sincerely yours,

Mary E. Sullivan

Director of Sunshine School, Inc.