Our goals revolve around the formulation of skills most children acquire between the ages of three and five. In order to educate the child wholly, we set goals for cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth.


  • Develop a positive attitude toward learning
  • Enhance learning skills such as asking questions, exploring the environment, and recalling experiences
  • Expand logical thinking skills such as identifying similarities and differences among objects and sorting objects according to commonalities
  • Acquire concepts and information leading to a better understanding of the immediate world, such as making comparisons
  • Expand verbal communication skills, recalling the words in a song or finger play and labeling people, objects, and feelings
  • Acquire fundamental written communication skills such as printing one's own name, and moving from scribbling to using some letters and numbers


  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Sustain a positive outlook about life
  • Promote cooperative behavior, such as appreciating and identifying differences in others, accepting some responsibility for maintaining the classroom, recognizing and respecting rules, taking turns, inviting others to play, and resolving conflicts with words


  • Enhance large muscle skills such as running with increasing control over direction and speed, climbing up or down equipment without falling
  • Develop smaller muscle skills, completing tasks such as building with blocks, placing pegs in pegboards, stacking graduated objects
  • Use all the senses to increase physical capabilities

These goals form the foundation of our curriculum. By focusing on every aspect of your child, the curriculum provides an integral and effective developmental approach to learning.


It would not be possible to achieve our goals without a comprehensive set of policies and understandings about safety. We have many health and safety precautions. Your child will be in a clean, well-monitored environment. In addition, we include rules to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

  • We use a buzz-in the system and no one is allowed entry unless we can identify that person
  • We conduct regular evacuation drills along with a yearly building inspection
  • We are licensed by the state Department of Early Education and Care every two years and follow all rules and regulations set forth by that governing body
  • We send out nutrition suggestions and guidelines for the food and drinks provided for the children 
  • We are a peanut-free school
  • We have cared for children with allergies and work carefully with their parents
  • Children who feel ill during school are immediately attended to, and we contact the parents to come pick up their child in case the illness they have is contagious
  • Children are released only to those on the authorization list unless the child's parent gives consent for release to someone else
  • In the event of a child falling ill or a severe reaction, we keep medication sent in by the parents available and have teachers who are trained in CPR and first aid